Making and maturing disciples of Christ

Sermons from November 2016

A Family Meal

1 Corinthians 11:17-26 – Selfishness is lethal to the church – especially regarding the Lord’s supper.  It’s a meal that’s meant to both reflect and foster the unity of the church.  It’s a family meal through and through.

One off sermons

A theology of clothes

In this unique study, David scans the whole Bible to mine what God has to teach us through our clothes.  Prepare to be challenged and to think a bit about these garments that cover our bodies.

Take and Eat

Matthew 26:26-29 – The Lord’s supper is a gift to Christians – by pointing back to Christ’s atoning work and forward to His return, the Lord’s supper bolsters faith and re-focuses our gaze.  Praise God for the bread and the wine!