Making and maturing disciples of Christ

Sermons from April 2016

Luke 16:10-12 Being a good steward

In the parable of the shrewd manager, Jesus taught his disciples the importance of investing eternally. In these verses Jesus taught the disciples the importance of being a good steward. In this sermon we note two signs of being a good steward.

Beginnings sermon series

Where is God?

Genesis 45-46:30. The story of Joseph reminds us that God is behind all things that happen to us. Jacob’s move to Egypt shows us that God is always keeping his Word. These truths provide comfort and encouragement for the believer who trusts in the Lord.

One off sermons

Be Alert!

1 Peter 5:8. Peter warns believers to be alert against the temptations of the enemy. We look at three particular temptations believers today may face and three times believers may be especially tempted.