Making and maturing disciples of Christ

Sermons from March 2016

One off sermons

A Dreadful Day

Hebrews 10:31 – The first Good Friday was a dreadful day for Jesus, but it was the basis for our acceptance before God.  It’s a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, but, thankfully, Jesus went there for us.

Today (1900-2016AD)

We live in the “modern world” that is skeptical about the place of religion in life, let alone the claims of Christ.  Yet in this era the church continues to thrive.  Across the globe, churches continue to proclaim the Gospel, and this will continue until Jesus returns.  God’s wisdom continues to be on display in […]

Lord of life and death

Mark 5:21-43 – Jesus is Lord over everything – including life and death.  This is great news for His people.  We needn’t fear the things of this life or even death itself.

Bible Study on church history

Defence (1800-1900AD)

As the authority of Scripture is attacked, and the wider culture increasingly focuses on the self; the church faces a very stiff test.  Jesus builds His church despite the winds of change blowing across the western world.  In fact, in a time like no other before, the Gospel spreads to the “far corners of the […]

How does the church evangelise?

Deut 4:5-8 & John 4:39-42 – Are we all alone in our efforts to evangelise?  Thankfully, no.  The church both adorns the gospel we proclaim and supports and helps us in our outreach.  What an asset the church is to our evangelism! Let’s make use of it.

Bible Study on church history

Revitalisation (1600-1800AD)

The reformation hit the church like an earthquake, and the aftershocks were felt long after Luther and Calvin.  Across Europe (but especially in England), believers (called Puritans) long to see all of church life conformed to Scripture.  It’s a pressure-filled period of church history, yet through it all, Jesus builds His church.  May we continue […]