Making and maturing disciples of Christ

Sermons from October 2014

Roadmaps for living series


Proverbs 7 – As we saw last time, life’s full of pitfalls.  But what if we want to fall in?  Warnings are a must.  Proverbs 7 gives us three: seek the protection of God’s Word, don’t destroy your life, see the carnage and be on your guard.

Roadmaps for living series


Proverbs 5-6 – Few think clearly in a moment of temptation.  Few stop and think well.  Instead we rationalise.  We need wisdom! Proverbs 5-6 describe for us 4 common pitfalls: adultery, debt, laziness and troublemaking.

Roadmaps for living series

The Pursuit

Proverbs 4 – What we need most is wisdom.  To gain it involves pursuit.  It’s costly, but if we get it, we have true life.  Proverbs 4 describes three ways to get wisdom.  What are you waiting for?