Making and maturing disciples of Christ

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Beginnings sermon series

God Awareness

Gen 30:25-31:55 – How aware are you of God’s working in your life on a daily basis?  Jacob’s up to his old tricks again, but God continues to provide for and protect Jacob in spite of Jacob.  Will Jacob grow in God awareness?  Will you?

Beginnings sermon series


Genesis 20-21 – God works in… surprising ways.  It’s no less true in our lives than in Abraham’s.  Let God’s Word and Abraham’s story prepare you live well in a surprise-filled world.

Roadmaps for living series

True Life

Proverbs 2-3 – If something sounds too good to be true…  We all know how that statement ends (most of the time).  Proverbs offers long life, honour, pleasant existence, peace and eternal life.   Where does one find this sort of thing?  Fear the Lord.