Making and maturing disciples of Christ

Road Maps for Living

Roadmaps for living series

What’s Best

Proverbs 8-9 – In Proverbs 8-9, God invites us to a party of sorts.  It’s the “party” of a life of wisdom.  The “party” of a close relationship with Jesus.  The offer has been made, will we accept?

Roadmaps for living series


Proverbs 7 – As we saw last time, life’s full of pitfalls.  But what if we want to fall in?  Warnings are a must.  Proverbs 7 gives us three: seek the protection of God’s Word, don’t destroy your life, see the carnage and be on your guard.

Roadmaps for living series


Proverbs 5-6 – Few think clearly in a moment of temptation.  Few stop and think well.  Instead we rationalise.  We need wisdom! Proverbs 5-6 describe for us 4 common pitfalls: adultery, debt, laziness and troublemaking.

Roadmaps for living series

The Pursuit

Proverbs 4 – What we need most is wisdom.  To gain it involves pursuit.  It’s costly, but if we get it, we have true life.  Proverbs 4 describes three ways to get wisdom.  What are you waiting for?

Roadmaps for living series

True Life

Proverbs 2-3 – If something sounds too good to be true…  We all know how that statement ends (most of the time).  Proverbs offers long life, honour, pleasant existence, peace and eternal life.   Where does one find this sort of thing?  Fear the Lord.

Roadmaps for living series


Proverbs 1 – Our technological advances are breath-taking.  But are we any better at living?  Are we any godlier? As Christians come to the book of Proverbs, trusting in Christ alone for salvation, they find in it a “road map for living.”  Where does it begin?  Listening well.