Making and maturing disciples of Christ
Vision for the city series

A Fresh Vision

Revelation 1:1-20 – Life is so hurried, and the world so mixed up.  What do we need most?  A fresh glimpse of the glorified Saviour and Lord – Jesus.

Remember sermon series

Remember: What’s Really True

2 Peter 2:10b-22 – Peter was concerned about the impact false teachers would have on the churches he helped plant.  He aims to equip his readers in how to spot and respond to false teaching.  We should be similarly concerned today!  In 2 Peter 2, we learn how to spot false teachers and how not to be […]

Remember sermon series

Remember: The Very Word of God

2 Peter 1:20-21 – In our current cultural climate, confusion abounds regarding authority.  Who can we trust?  Listen to?  Peter points us in the right direction.  The Bible is God’s very Word.  As the Bible is faithfully preached or read, God is speaking to me.  In these few verses, we learn what the Bible isn’t and […]

Roadmaps for living series

What’s Best

Proverbs 8-9 – In Proverbs 8-9, God invites us to a party of sorts.  It’s the “party” of a life of wisdom.  The “party” of a close relationship with Jesus.  The offer has been made, will we accept?

Roadmaps for living series


Proverbs 7 – As we saw last time, life’s full of pitfalls.  But what if we want to fall in?  Warnings are a must.  Proverbs 7 gives us three: seek the protection of God’s Word, don’t destroy your life, see the carnage and be on your guard.

Roadmaps for living series


Proverbs 5-6 – Few think clearly in a moment of temptation.  Few stop and think well.  Instead we rationalise.  We need wisdom! Proverbs 5-6 describe for us 4 common pitfalls: adultery, debt, laziness and troublemaking.

Roadmaps for living series

The Pursuit

Proverbs 4 – What we need most is wisdom.  To gain it involves pursuit.  It’s costly, but if we get it, we have true life.  Proverbs 4 describes three ways to get wisdom.  What are you waiting for?