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We are a Bible believing church in North London. Thanks for visiting the website, and we look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

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Holiness Sermon Series

Holiness with our Future

Leviticus 25 – The Day of Jubilee promises celebration, restoration, and freedom. This gives God’s people a distinct reason to hope and to continue in their battle against sin.

Beginnings sermon series

I am with you…

Genesis 28:10-29:14a – Do God’s promises still apply to a trickster like Jacob?  Surprisingly, yes.  As God first speaks to Jacob, we’re challenged to re-think our priorities and pay attention to the outworking of God’s plan in our lives. God is near to tricksters.

Holiness Sermon Series

Holiness with Our Possessions

Leviticus 1-7  God’s people are to give to God their best, their are to give to God first, and they are to give to God joyfully. These practices take faith in God and committed obedience.

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